British Red Cross – UK Solidarity Fund

We, as a country, grieve for the people, young and old, who were caught up in the incomprehensible and inhumane act of terrorism in Manchester and London. While we cannot compensate the victims in any way, we are resolute in our objective to stand with those innocent souls and support them as well as the rest of the country through our words and deeds.

For Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan is an annual reminder of the human values, the values of sacrifice and universal brotherhood. It is with this spirit that we will be donating at least one hour of wages as of 5th of June 2017 between 12 to 6 PM for the British Red Cross’ UK Solidarity Fund, launched to support those affected by events in Manchester and London as well as potential similar events in the future in the UK. Those who are able to and willing to donate a day’s wage or even more will be doing so too. Children will be donating their pocket money.

We welcome people of all faiths and no faith and of all backgrounds to join us if they wish to do so. We refuse to be cowed and divided by the few who want to divide us. We will show that love prevails over hate and we stand unified.

Please select the category you would like to donate:

1. My wages between 12 to 6 PM on 5th of June (amount)
2. A whole day’s wage as of 5th of June (amount)
3. Another amount (amount)
4. My pocket money (amount)