MKA Games 2021 – Sunday 4th July 2021

Games available with a mixture of competitive games and just for fun games. All competitive games will give you a chance to win the 1st position These games will run all day for individual participants to compete in.

All Team games will be competitive where teams will compete to rank for 1st position in each game. Teams of 5 should be submitted by regions. Each region can submit more than one team. These team games will be running all day for teams to compete in.


  • Each participant will need to submit their JustGiving page – free entry only to those who have raised at least a certain amount
  • Over 18s will need to be double vaccinated
  • Face mask and social distancing to be expected on day

General information

General info about the event
Parking & Entry


Live Stream



  • 10 Individual Games
  • Leader board system
  • Ranks of 1-10 for each game. If you are first you will get 10 points down to 1 until 10th poosition – 0 points after that
  • All points will be accumulated on one sheet and the top 10 with highest points will then compete in a race where a combination of these individual games will be attempted (those that can be timed)
  • Once all individual games are completed, the top 10 will be evaluated. Then one by one will do
    the following competitions
    • Assault Course
    • Triathlon
    • Penalty Shootout
    • Strongman
    • Gladiator



Slow Bike Race

Objective of this game is for a participant to ride a two-wheeled bicycle over a fixed course in the longest interval of time. The course will be 8 meters long and 5 meter wide, where two participants can take part at a time and their time will be recorded by the game organisers. Bikes will be provided on site.

  • No part of the competitor’s body may touch the ground when attempting the course.
  • The bicycle must maintain forwardmotion at all times.
  • The bicycle must remain within the boundaries of the course.
  • Each participant will be allowed 2 attempts to complete the course.
Ultra-Throw Series

Objective of this game is for participants to throw various objects as far as possible where the distance covered by each item thrown will be accumulated and the total will be the participants score.

  • Participants will be throwing the following; Shotput, Football, Tennis Ball & Basketball
  • The items need to be thrown within the width of the designated area (5m).
  • Once the object comes to a stop then the distance will be measured If the object stops outside of the designated area, then the distance of that item will not be measured


Objective of this game is to run, bike & row a triathlon in the fastest time possible. Each participant will start of by crawling under a net, then running 200m which is then followed by 3500m cycling. Bike will be provided on site

  • Participants have to stay by the designated area
  • Time will be measured by game organiser
T20 Cricket

Objective is to score as many runs in 20 balls.

  • If the batsman nicks the ball and it hits the back of the net batsman is out
  • If bowled batsman is out
  • Drive shot 4 runs
  • Cut/Pull shot on the ground 4 runs Ball hits 1st half of net 2 runs
  • Ball hits 2nd half of net 3 runs
  • Cut/Pull shot in the air 6 runs
Penalty Shootout

Objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by shooting the ball into designated holes within the goal.

  • Participants will have 5 attempts for each go
  • Each hole gives points depending on their location.
  • Bottom left hole is worth 1 point
  • Middle two holes are worth 2 points Top two holes are worth 3 points Team organisers will measure time in case there are participants who had scored the same amount, but who ever scored it the fastest (finishing all 5 attempts) will be ranked higher

Objective of the game is for participants to complete the course in the fastest time possible.

  • Participant will start of by performing 20 pushups followed by running from point A to point B whilst carrying a 25kg sandbag, followed by performing 10 medicine ball slams and then finishing it off with running/walking from point B to point A holding 15kg water containers in each hand.
  • Time will be measured by game organisers
Cycle time series
  • Objective of the game is for participants to ride a static bike (exercise bike) for 1 minute and aim to cover as much distance measured on the static bike computer.
  • Participants will have 1 minute
  • Game organisers will keep an eye on the distance covered and record it as soon as it hits 1 minute
Team Architect

Objective of the game is to build a structure shown to them at the start as fast as possible within the given time frame of 10 minutes

  • Team members will be shown a 1 minute video on how to build the structure with the materials provided
  • They will have a maximum of 10 minutes to build it
  • Once build it will be tested by the team member to show it was built correctly
  • Game organisers will measure the time it takes for the structure to be completed
  • If structure is not built within time limit then team automatically doesn’t win
Team Coal mine relay

Objective of the game is to push team members on a wheelbarrow one by one from point A to point B until all team members are at point B

  • 1 team member will push the wheelbarrow whilst another team member is sitting within from point A to point B
  • Once point B is reached one of the team members will run back with the wheelbarrow to point A and the next team member will hop on.
  • Team members can hop on and off the wheelbarrow at each point but one team member has to be within the wheelbarrow when pushing from point A to point B
  • Game organisers will measure the time it takes for all team members to reach point B
Team Challenge course relay

Objective of the game is to run from point A to point B, perform one of the 5 tasks and then run back to Point A until all items have reached point A.

  • Each team member has to run the course at least once
  • Each team member is only allowed to perform one task at a time when point B is reached
  • Team organisers will measure the time it takes for all tasks performed and reaching back point A by all team members
Team Tug of War

Objective of the game is for teams to compete in a tournament style tug of war competition. This competition will take place between 3pm until 5pm only

  • Each team will compete against another team at a time
  • Teams will pull from one side of the rope with the aim to pull the designated marker until it passes a designated line on their side.
  • Each round will be a elimination round until the finals are reached Teams have to be submitted prior to the event
  • Game organisers will referee the competition.
Human demolition – Giant Wrecking Ball (non-competitive)

Four players mount their podiums the object is to throw the giant wrecking ball at the other players in the hope you can dislodge them from their podium to the inflatable bed below. Up to four players play at one time either all are playing for survival last person standing wins.

Crossnet Volleyball (non-competitive)

Four players play volleyball with four corners, each player following a path to the other player, either diagonally or to the side depending on the side they are on. The aim of the game is to not drop the ball or shoot outside the designated area.

Sneaky rope battle (non-competitive)

Players stand on a brick or stool with one end of a rope in their hand, and their aim is to knock the other player off the stand by pulling the rope.