You can find all the information about the event on this page. AMYA UK is holding a football marathon which will last 24 hours in PlayFootball Birmingham Indoor starting @ 18:00 on 6 July 2019. We are raising money for the CYCLONE IDAI APPEAL by British Red Cross as well as the Disaster Relief Fund by Humanity First. All funds raised will go directly to the allocated causes without any costs or fees taken out! See below for more information on how to get involved.



  • Please register your team with required details and select the slots you are able to play. Upon submitting your details you will be taken to our payment screen to pay the match fee of £300. Please note all funds be transferred directly to the charity without taking out any admin fees or covering costs etc.
  • Select Your Match Slot

  • The first slot is on Saturday, 6 July @ 18:00. From this point onward there are 24 slots in total covering a continuous match of 24 hours. You must be available for all timing preferences entered below.



> Go to our main donation page on JustGiving (click here)

> See other options on how you can give a donation (click here)


> Level 1: £100 – business will get added as a supporter on this website

> Level 2: £200 – Level 1, 1×1 m banner with your logo displayed around the pitch for 24h, logo on interview backdrop

> Level 3: £300 – Level 2 with 1×2 m banner

> Level 4: £500 – Level 3, 500 merchandise wrist bands with your logo

> Level 5: £3000 – Level 3, 300 merchandise t-shirts with your logo

> Email us to buy any package or you BUY NOW directly through our online payment system


> branded t-shirts for £15 (size M/L/XL) – BUY NOW

> branded wristband for £2 (one size) – BUY NOW

> you can also buy these items on the day during the event

Match Slots