“And We have sent thee (Prophet Muhammad) not but as a mercy for all peoples.”
The Holy Qur’an [21:108]

Muslims For Humanity” is a collaboration of initiatives by young Muslims across Britain, that seek to emulate the illustrious practices of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Owing to his special bond with God, Muhammad (peace be upon him) attained the title of “Mercy for Mankind”. His compassion extended to all creation, and especially to the rights and needs of humanity at large.

Throughout his life, he set un-paralleled paradigms of love, affection and compassion for all, as he strove to uphold rights and freedom for all faiths for the disadvantaged and the privileged of society. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) cared for all sections of society from the infirm, widows, elderly, orphans, prisoners of war and slaves to Monarchs, businessmen, political leaders and leading statesmen.

The life of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is an inspiration for millions of Muslims and non-Muslims throughout the history of time. His levels of morality and sense of justice for all laid the foundations for social, economic, inter-religious, national and international peace and ultimately led to the pathway of bridging peace between man and God. This led him to be adored by the downtrodden, to the most noble and best in society. Visit aboutmuhammad.orgfor more details.

In line with keeping with the spirit of Muhammad (peace be upon him), for over a century, young people of Britain are encouraged to participate in philanthropic activities and thus aid their physical and moral development in becoming greater citizens and selflessly serve the communities in which they live. In doing so they seek to revive the peaceful, self-effacing spirit of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and emulate his practices and teachings of Islam in an easy to understand, modern 21st century Britain.